Dual-controlled cars

Dual-controlled cars are vehicles that are equipped with two sets of controls: one set for the driver, and one set for the instructor or passenger in the front passenger seat. The instructor's set of controls usually includes an additional brake pedal, accelerator, and clutch, as well as a steering wheel. This allows the instructor to take over control of the vehicle if necessary, such as in an emergency situation or to help a student driver learn how to operate the vehicle safely.

Dual-controlled cars are commonly used by driving schools and driver training programs, as well as by professional driving instructors. They are also used by some parents or guardians when teaching their children to drive.

Dual-controlled cars are an important safety feature in driver training, as they provide an added level of protection for the instructor or passenger in the event of an emergency. They also allow for more effective teaching and coaching, as the instructor can quickly intervene and correct any mistakes or unsafe behaviors by the student driver.