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The final phase in the British Columbia Graduated Licensing Program is obtaining a BC Class 5 license. Given that getting your unrestricted Class 5 BC license is a big responsibility, you’ll want to make sure to follow all laws and guidelines along the way so you can make sure you’re always a safe and responsible driver. As the provincial driving authority, it is our responsibility to assist you in obtaining your unrestricted class 5 BC license and to make sure you are prepared for both in- and out-of-province driving.

  • If you are younger than 19, get a parent or legal guardian to sign the consent.
  • Take the practice test to increase your confidence and increase your chances of passing the real exam.
  • Make a reservation for your knowledge test and take it at an ICBC driver license office.
  • Passing the eyesight exam.

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Driving record with fewer than four penalty points in the past two years. No convictions related to motor vehicles in the past three years. Meet medical standards and pass a driver’s medical exam. Pass a road test with a vehicle suited to the Class 4 licence.

For online registration, there is no need to pay anything at the time of first session. But whatever package you choose, be sure to pay half in advance during the first session and half before last session.

We provide a car for road test that costs $70. We provide cars for road test at affordable prices. We also provide affordable cars for road test.

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) was introduced in British Columbia in 1998. A minimum of two years is spent learning to drive safely with a qualified supervisor before taking the first road test. After passing their first road test, drivers are issued a GDL licence that has a maximum load restriction of 4 years and an N sign. The last step involves passing the Class 5 road test without any restrictions and the unrestricted full-privilege drivers licence is issued after three successful years with no accidents or serious violations.
We do provide a car for students. Our instructors are passionate about teaching you to drive, and will work with you to ensure you’re safe and confident when behind the wheel.

Yes, we would like to remind everyone that our instructors are available to pick whenever and wherever you need them whether it’s at work, school or home.